Podcast: Bob Chapman, Inspiring a Human Revolution

May 31, 2024
  • Brent Stewart
  • Brent Stewart
    Digital Strategy & Content Leader at Barry-Wehmiller

BW CEO Bob Chapman has written before about the trajectory of leadership in business from the Industrial Revolution to now.

As we look at the focus and priorities of business leaders today, there are bright spots, but the dark specter of management still looms large over our organizations. That is why he called for a "Human Revolution." Bob said:

The Industrial Revolution was never about allowing people to express their gifts fully. It was about value creation, it was never about creating value in humans.

That’s the piece business has missed and that’s the piece we’ve found on our journey at Barry-Wehmiller. People are capable of doing amazing things if we just give them the environment in which they can discover, develop, share, and be appreciated for their gifts.

The Human Revolution is about organizational leadership reconnecting with their own humanity and recognizing the humanity of those they lead. Recognizing that the people within their span of care are not numbers on a spreadsheet that are part of the calculations that equal profit and loss, but someone’s precious children and should be treated accordingly. Recognizing that the people within their span of care are not just functions, but whole beings who are capable of so much more than the role they are pigeonholed into.

When we treat people with respect and dignity and create opportunities through which they can realize their potential and be appreciated for it is how we, in business, can fix the broken American Dream.

We can balance economic value with human value, where everyone benefits.

After writing that blog post, Bob further explained his thoughts in a conversation with Jane Adshead-Grant, a facilitator and coach in the UK and Europe.

On this podcast, find out more about what Bob means by a "Human Revolution," why it is necessary and how would it change business today. Listen through the link in the header photo above or through the links above for your favorite podcast provider.


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